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Do Mattress Bugs Get In Your Hair? [Can They Live On Your Scalp?]

Do you ever get the sensation of one thing crawling by your hair? Is it mattress bugs? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Thousands and thousands of individuals worldwide endure from this drawback and lots of marvel, do mattress bugs get in your hair?

I’ll let you understand if you must fear about mattress bugs in your hair, and if there’s something you are able to do to forestall this from occurring… 

Do Bed Bugs Get In Your Hair?

Do Mattress Bugs Get In Your Hair?

Mattress bugs have the potential to get in your hair, however it’s not as widespread as you could suppose.

Mattress bugs want mushy surfaces like mattresses and bedding for nesting, so that they don’t have to enterprise into your hair for meals or shelter.

But, if a mattress bug occurs to climb onto a sleeping individual or will get dislodged whereas they’re transferring round, the bug can find yourself of their hair.

That is extra widespread with lengthy hair as a result of there may be extra floor space for the mattress bug to latch on to. If a mattress bug finds itself in somebody’s hair, it would attempt to discover a approach out by crawling downwards.

If it doesn’t work, and it might probably attain the scalp, it would attempt to feed there. This will trigger bites and irritation in that space.

bed bug drinking blood from a human

Can Mattress Bugs Dwell In Your Hair Or On Your Scalp?

The straightforward reply isn’t any. Mattress bugs are drawn to your dwelling areas. Assume mattresses, furnishings, and carpeting—and never human hair.

Regardless of their title, mattress bugs want environments conducive to their survival. And your hair isn’t ultimate for a number of causes:

  • Lack of grip: Not like lice, mattress bugs should not have the anatomy to carry on to hair or scalp.

  • Washing: Common hair washing would take away any mattress bugs attempting to remain put.

In the event you encounter a mattress bug in your scalp, it’s possible unintentional and non permanent. As these bugs want to feed after which retreat to their hiding locations.

In the event you discover mattress bugs in your scalp, don’t fear. They will’t survive or lay eggs there.

They could chew uncovered pores and skin on the neck or face whilst you sleep, however they received’t keep in your pores and skin as soon as they’ve fed.

bed bug drinking blood from a human

Indicators You Have Mattress Bug Bites On Your Scalp

Distinguishing mattress bug bites from different insect bites or pores and skin circumstances may be tough. Listed below are some tell-tale indicators you’ll be able to search for in your scalp:

  • Itchiness: Like bites on different elements of your physique, mattress bug bites on the scalp usually trigger vital itchiness.

  • Sample: Mattress bug bites have a tendency to look in a straight line or zigzag sample reasonably than being scattered randomly.

  • Redness and Swelling: Chances are you’ll discover small, raised welts which can be crimson and swollen. These bites can turn out to be irritated when scratched.

  • Clustered Bites: Not like solitary mosquito bites, mattress bug bites usually seem in clusters or teams.

In the event you see these indicators in locations the place mattress bugs disguise, like close to your mattress seams or mattress body, it’d imply there are mattress bugs.

How To Tell The Difference Between Bed Bugs And Head Lice In Your Hair

How To Inform The Distinction Between Mattress Bugs And Head Lice In Your Hair

Mattress bugs often disguise in darkish locations like mattresses, field springs, carpets, or furnishings.

Head lice want to reside close to the scalp and neck space since these areas present loads of heat and meals provide. 

To distinguish between the 2 parasites, it’s essential to notice how every seems to be. Mattress bugs have flat oval our bodies which can be reddish-brown in colour whereas head lice have a grayish or white coloring with six legs (the identical quantity as spiders).

Plus, mattress bugs can measure 6mm lengthy when totally grown whereas head lice measure 2–3mm lengthy when full-grown. 

To identify mattress bug infestation indicators, test for small black spots left behind by their droppings. These spots might seem like pepper flakes due to their measurement and colour.

Head lice will trigger itchiness across the scalp, often accompanied by crimson bumps on the pores and skin the place they chew.

Generally, each parasites can go away swarms on sheets or garments. This occurs extra with mattress bugs than with head lice, as head lice often keep close to the scalp. 

bed bugs crawling through body hair

Which Hairstyles Are Finest To Stop Mattress Bugs In Your Hair?

When contemplating easy methods to decrease the danger of mattress bugs in your hair, choosing sure hairstyles may assist deter these pests.

Selecting hairstyles which can be much less accessible might add an additional degree of precaution in opposition to mattress bugs. Mattress bugs don’t generally inhabit hair as a result of it’s cell and near the scalp, which is much less ultimate for them.

  • Tight Buns or Ponytails: Preserving your hair in a good bun or ponytail can scale back the uncovered space for mattress bugs to latch onto. Guarantee it’s glossy and near the pinnacle.

  • Braids: Whether or not it’s a single braid or a number of ones, this coiffure retains strands contained and should forestall mattress bugs from making a house in your hair.

  • You need to use a shawl or bandana to wrap your hair near the scalp. This will maintain mattress bugs away.

Right here are some things to recollect:

  • Maintain It Neat: Mattress bugs are interested in heat and carbon dioxide however will not be adept at navigating by hair. A neat coiffure could make it much less inviting for them to attempt.

  • Accent Consciousness: Be aware of hair equipment. Mattress bugs may disguise in gadgets corresponding to hats or headbands, so maintain them clear and examine usually.

To forestall mattress bugs, be vigilant in environments the place they’re recognized to be current. Though hairstyles can play a job, these pests are extra interested in the setting than to an individual’s hair. 

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Your Hair

How To Take away Mattress Bugs From Your Hair

If you end up within the unlikely state of affairs of getting mattress bugs in your hair, there’s no have to panic. Comply with these steps to take away them:

  • Wash Your Hair: Use scorching water and an everyday shampoo to cleanse your scalp totally. The warmth will assist to dislodge any bugs.
  • After you wash your hair, use a fine-toothed comb: Comb by one small part at a time to take away useless mattress bugs and their eggs.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol: Contemplate a combination of alcohol and shampoo for a stronger impact. Consultants counsel utilizing a 91% isopropyl alcohol answer, however be cautious and search skilled recommendation.

In the event you’re fighting mattress bugs or feeling very uncomfortable, ask for help. Contact a healthcare supplier or pest management firm.

woman using a nit comb to remove bed bugs from your hair

Can Mattress Bugs Dwell In Your Physique Hair?

Whereas mattress bugs might sound like they may reside wherever in your physique, their desire for a house isn’t in your hair.

You may be involved that these pests will flip your physique hair into their very own personal residence, however right here’s what you must know:

  • Mattress bugs can not navigate or cling to human hair as a result of they lack claws or grippers. Their our bodies are extra tailored to clean surfaces like bedding and furnishings.

  • Feeding Habits: These bugs have an curiosity in feeding in your blood. They often come out at evening and like simpler entry to pores and skin, hiding away within the daytime.

  • Hair Encounters: In the event you ever discover a mattress bug in your scalp or physique hair, it’s possible unintentional. They could traverse hair to achieve pores and skin, however received’t keep there.

  • Mattress bugs reside near individuals in darkish, hidden spots. These spots embody mattress seams and furnishings crevices. They don’t reside in hair.


Mattress bugs have the potential to get in your hair, however this isn’t a standard or ultimate spot for them to nest.

In the event you see any mattress bugs in your scalp, wash your hair with heat water and shampoo. Comb with a fine-toothed comb.

To forestall mattress bugs from taking on home in your hair, go for hairstyles that maintain strands contained and equipment clear.

Keep away from considering they’re dwelling in your physique hair as mattress bugs want environments with higher entry to pores and skin.



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