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Bleach Vs Mattress Bugs – Does Bleach Kill Mattress Bugs? [Expert Opinions]

Do you’ve got mattress bugs infesting your own home? If that’s the case, you might be contemplating utilizing bleach to do away with them. However does it actually work?

Does bleach kill mattress bugs? What are the dangers concerned in killing mattress bugs with bleach? Carry on studying to search out out the solutions! 

bottle of bleach ready to kill bed bugs

How To Know If You’re Dealing With A Mattress Bug Infestation

Figuring out a mattress bug infestation is essential, as early detection can considerably simplify the method of eradicating these pests. 

Mattress bugs are small, oval, brownish bugs that feed on the blood of animals or people. Grownup mattress bugs have flat our bodies in regards to the measurement of an apple seed, however they swell and grow to be reddish after feeding.

Bodily Indicators

Search for the next bodily indicators:

  • Chew marks: These seem in your pores and skin as purple, itchy spots, usually in a line or cluster and primarily discovered on uncovered areas just like the face, neck, arms, and palms when you sleep.

  • Excrement: Small, darkish or rusty spots of mattress bug excrement will be discovered in your sheets, mattress seams, and even partitions.

  • eggshells or shed skins: Tiny, pale yellow skins that nymphs shed as they develop bigger.

  • Stay bugs: Though they’re elusive, you would possibly discover dwell mattress bugs within the crevices of your mattress or field spring, behind headboards, and in furnishings joints.

Sensory Clues

Detection Ways

  • Visible inspection: Seek for mattress bugs at evening when they’re most lively, utilizing a flashlight.

  • Mattress test: Examine the seams and folds of your mattress and field spring for dwell mattress bugs or their excrement.

Environmental Proof

It’s vital to contemplate these indicators and examine additional if you happen to suspect an infestation. Performing swiftly can assist stop the mattress bugs from spreading to different areas of your own home.

Why Do You Want To Type Out A Mattress Bug Downside Urgently?

When going through a mattress bug infestation, it’s crucial to deal with the problem promptly on account of a number of urgent causes:

Well being Considerations: Mattress bugs feed in your blood, usually leading to itchy bites and discomfort. Whereas they’re not identified to transmit illnesses, the bites can result in secondary infections if scratched.

Quick Copy:

Addressing the issue shortly prevents the inhabitants from exploding and additional complicating eradication efforts.

Psychological Impression:

  • Anxiousness and Stress: Information of an infestation may cause psychological misery.

  • Sleep Disturbance: As a result of nocturnal nature of mattress bugs, it’s frequent for people to expertise disrupted sleep patterns.

Monetary Implications:

  • Early Intervention Prices Much less: Therapy is more cost effective when the infestation is contained.

  • Property Harm: Extreme infestations might result in furnishings and material harm, rising bills.

Social Stigma: Ignoring the problem can result in a variety, and doubtlessly, a social stigma if the infestation extends to neighbors or guests grow to be affected.

bed bug sucking blood from a human host

Does Bleach Kill Mattress Bugs?

Bleach is acknowledged for its robust disinfectant properties, and sure, it’s able to killing mattress bugs.

Nevertheless, its effectiveness is contingent upon direct contact.

Direct Contact is Key:

  • When bleach comes into direct contact with mattress bugs, it may be deadly.

  • The chemical parts in bleach can deteriorate the insect’s exoskeleton.

  • This results in dehydration and the eventual loss of life of the mattress bug.

Utility Methodology:

  • To make use of bleach successfully, you have to apply it on to the bugs.

  • Since mattress bugs are adept at hiding, reaching them of their hid spots proves difficult.


  • A full-blown infestation is unlikely to be eradicated with bleach alone.

  • Bleach is hazardous to people and pets, significantly if misused or in enclosed areas.

  • Overuse could result in harm or discoloration of surfaces the place the bleach has been utilized.

Security Precautions:

bed bug crawling over the top of a nest of bed bug eggs

How To Use Bleach To Kill Mattress Bugs And Their Eggs

When utilizing bleach to fight a mattress bug infestation, take cautionary steps and observe this information:

  1. Preparation:

  2. Cleansing:

    • Strip your mattress of all linens and wash them in sizzling water.

    • Totally vacuum the room, concentrating on mattresses, furnishings crevices, and carpet edges.

    • Instantly eliminate the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag.

  3. Utility:

  4. Therapy:

    • Frivolously spray the bleach resolution on surfaces the place mattress bugs are suspected.

    • Give attention to cracks, mattress frames, and potential hiding locations however keep away from over-wetting.

  5. Security Be aware:

    • By no means combine bleach with different family cleaners, as this will produce harmful gases.

    • Remember that bleach could harm or discolor materials and supplies.

  6. Observe-Up:

    • Test the handled areas after a couple of hours for any indicators of mattress bugs or eggs.

    • Repeat the remedy if crucial, permitting time for areas to dry between purposes.

Keep in mind, bleach will be an efficient methodology for killing mattress bugs and their eggs on non-porous surfaces. All the time take a look at a small hidden space first to keep away from harm.

does bleach kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs?

How Lengthy Does It Take Bleach to Kill Mattress Bugs?

Bleach wants sufficient contact time with the mattress bug as a way to be efficient in killing it.

Relying on the focus of the bleach, it ought to take wherever from 5 minutes as much as twenty minutes for the bug to succumb to its results.

The extra concentrated the answer is, typically talking, the shorter quantity of contact time it’s going to want with a bug earlier than killing them.

Nevertheless, care ought to at all times be taken when utilizing bleach in any state of affairs as it’s corrosive and might trigger everlasting harm if misused or abused.

It’s typically really helpful that an individual utilizing bleach for pest management takes their time and permits a minimum of 5 full minutes of contact time between every spray utility, whereas ready thirty minutes between every set of purposes for optimum outcomes towards bedbugs.

It’s vital that each one areas the place bugs have been discovered be sprayed completely with bleach in addition to round baseboards and furnishings legs or different areas the place they might simply cover out throughout extermination makes an attempt.

Cautious consideration must also be given when making use of bleach close to sealed wooden surfaces as bleaching these supplies might destroy them irreversibly.

So, warning should at all times be employed when coping with this highly effective family cleaner and pesticide agent.

woman holding a bottle of bleach inside a store

Which Different Harsh Chemical substances Are Efficient For Killing Mattress Bugs?

Apart from bleach, you’ve got a number of choices on the subject of harsh chemical compounds which can be identified to be efficient in killing mattress bugs. 

Pyrethroids and pyrethrins are among the many most typical pesticides used for mattress bug management.

Pyrethroids are artificial chemical pesticides that act just like pyrethrins—compounds naturally derived from chrysanthemum flowers.

Right here’s a breakdown of chemical compounds you would possibly contemplate:

  • Pyrethroids: Artificial chemical compounds that disrupt the mattress bugs’ nervous system.

  • Pyrethrins: Pure pesticides that additionally goal the nervous system.

  • Neonicotinoids: These have an effect on the mattress bugs’ nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, resulting in paralysis and loss of life.

  • Desiccants: Substances like diatomaceous earth and silica gel that destroy the outer protecting layer of mattress bugs, inflicting dehydration.

When utilizing these chemical compounds, it’s essential to stick to security tips and contemplate that mattress bugs could develop resistance.

Bleach Vs Bed Bugs - Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

The Dangers Of Utilizing Bleach Methodology For Eliminating Mattress Bugs From Your Dwelling

Whereas bleach successfully kills mattress bugs upon direct contact, you have to be conscious of the a number of dangers related to its use. 

Chemical Hazards are a major concern; bleach is a corrosive substance that may trigger irritation or burns to your pores and skin and eyes.

When utilized in an enclosed area, the fumes from bleach will also be dangerous if inhaled, doubtlessly resulting in respiratory points.

Misapplication of bleach can lead to harm to your belongings.

The bleach can harm materials, surfaces, furnishings, bedding, and clothes. By inflicting discoloration and harm.

Right here’s a fast breakdown of the dangers:

  • Well being Dangers:

  • Materials Harm:

  • Environmental Considerations:

Mattress bugs can cover in tiny cracks, so it’s unlikely that bleach will work on all of them.

This will result in a false sense of safety and continued infestation.

Plus, the unfold of mattress bugs to new areas can happen when making an attempt to remove them.

It’s possible you’ll unintentionally disperse them all through your own home, worsening the state of affairs.


Upon direct contact, bleach kills mattress bugs as it’s a potent chemical.

Nevertheless, utilizing it has dangers: pores and skin and eye irritation, respiratory issues, harm to furnishings and materials, and air pollution.

If you happen to don’t apply remedy appropriately, or do away with all of the mattress bugs, they might come again.

So, be sure to contemplate different non-chemical strategies for eradicating these pests.

Whereas additionally consulting with pest management professionals earlier than embarking on any chemical therapies.



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