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Can Mattress Bugs Fly? [Or Do Bed Bugs Jump?]

Have you ever ever had a sense that one thing is crawling round in your mattress at night time? It’s no secret that little critters often known as mattress bugs could make themselves at house in your bed room.

However can mattress bugs fly? Should you’ve heard rumors of flying mattress bugs, then this weblog put up is for you. Learn on to search out out the reality behind whether or not mattress bugs can truly take flight!

bed bug crawling across human skin looking for blood

What Do Mattress Bugs Look Like?

Mattress bugs are small, nocturnal bugs that rely on the blood of people and animals to outlive.

If you observe them, you’ll discover that grownup mattress bugs have a flat, oval-shaped physique, showing extra balloon-like after feeding.

Their dimension is roughly 4 to five millimeters in size—concerning the dimension of an apple seed.

You’ll discover that their coloration is reddish-brown, though they seem extra reddish after a blood meal.

Mattress bugs have wingless our bodies with a definite, three-segmented beak, four-part antennae, brief, gold-colored hairs, and small, stubby legs.

Nymphs (juveniles) are smaller and might seem translucent till they’ve their first meal. After feeding, you will note them grow to be shiny pink.

Here’s a fast, visible define of their key options:

  • Measurement: About 4-5 mm lengthy, 1.5-3 mm broad

  • Form: Flat, oval-shaped physique; extra elongated after feeding

  • Shade: Reddish-brown; nymphs are translucent or shiny pink post-feeding

  • Texture: Wingless with brief, golden-colored hairs

  • Different options: Three-segmented beak, four-part antennae, six stubby legs

up close image of a bed bug insect

Can Mattress Bugs Be Wherever In addition to Mattress?

Opposite to their identify, mattress bugs usually are not restricted to residing in beds. These proficient hitchhikers can inhabit varied locations inside your setting.

Your vigilance is vital in figuring out them outdoors their typical hang-out.

Past the Bed room: Mattress bugs can migrate to different furnishings corresponding to sofas, chairs, and curtains. They search shelter within the seams and folds the place they will disguise successfully.

Electronics and Home equipment: Surprisingly, mattress bugs may be discovered within the small crevices inside electronics. Like clocks, televisions, and radios, in addition to home equipment. These things present them with a safe place to dwell. Particularly when positioned in a bed room or residing space.

Journey Territory: These pests are infamous for his or her journey savvy. They’ll cling onto clothes, baggage, and even private objects to unfold to new areas.

  • Transportation: Public transportation is a typical floor for mattress bug infestations. They are often discovered on seats, carpeting, and cracks inside transport autos.

  • Public Areas: They will also be current in locations with excessive human turnover. Corresponding to resorts, film theaters, and colleges.

Material Heavy Zones: Garments and linens usually are not proof against mattress bugs. Something made of material can function a possible house for them.

bed bug infestation on the top of a mattress

Can Mattress Bugs Fly?

Though these tiny pests should not have wings, a typical false impression is that they will fly. That is false; bedbugs can’t fly as their our bodies usually are not constructed for flight.

They don’t have any muscular organs to energy themselves into the air, like different flying bugs do. As an alternative, they use two pairs of legs to rapidly transfer throughout surfaces. The place they discover meals sources and new hosts close by.

Mattress bugs will typically journey by clothes or different accepted objects with out being observed. This permits them to unfold from place to put rapidly and inhabit new areas with out the necessity of flight.

To remain hidden throughout daylight, bedbugs will climb up furnishings or partitions till they attain a darkish crevice the place they will disguise.

From there they are going to search for meals throughout nighttime hours when individuals are sleeping most soundly.

Mattress bugs can not fly, however they will transfer rapidly, making it laborious for owners or enterprise homeowners to eliminate them.

To eliminate these annoying creatures, it’s greatest to name knowledgeable exterminator. They’ll know the place they’re and take away them.

can bed bugs fly?

If Mattress Bugs Can’t Fly, How Do They Transfer From Individual To Individual?

Though they can’t fly, they will transfer rapidly throughout surfaces corresponding to partitions, ceilings, flooring and furnishings looking for their subsequent meal.

At night time, they arrive out of darkish hiding locations like mattress seams or field springs. They feed on uncovered pores and skin whereas folks sleep. 

On common, an grownup mattress bug is concerning the dimension of an apple seed and has a lifespan of roughly six months. After which it can die if not in a position to feed additional.

Since most individuals journey from place to put very often touring with objects corresponding to suitcases or different baggage.

This offers them the chance of transferring together with an individual who’s unaware that he’s carrying any forms of bugs. 

Mattress bugs may also move by cracks in partitions or crevices in doorways/home windows main from one room/house into one other.

Bedbugs can simply unfold from one particular person’s belongings to a different when garments are shared. This typically occurs between members of the family or mates who dwell shut to one another.

Do Mattress Bugs Have Wings?

No, mattress bugs should not have wings. They’re wingless and depend on crawling to journey from one place to a different. 

Though they don’t have wings, mattress bugs can nonetheless journey giant distances—as much as 100 toes or extra in a single night time.

They’ll transfer rapidly as a result of their legs are designed to climb partitions and ceilings.

Their nymphs will shed their skins many instances as they develop bigger, whereas adults don’t molt any additional after reaching maturity. 

These annoying pests can invade your property with out you understanding, hiding in furnishings or cracks till they feed.

These bugs can disguise in your baggage when you journey by attaching themselves to jackets or baggage. They’re superb at not being observed.

bed bug crawling across a piece of clothing

What Appears Like a Mattress Bug However Can Fly?

If you see small, winged bugs in your house, you would possibly marvel if mattress bugs have taken to the air. Relaxation assured, mattress bugs should not have wings and can’t fly.

However, some bugs resemble mattress bugs and do have the power to fly. Understanding these look-alikes might help you determine the best pest and handle it successfully.

  • Bat Bugs (Cimex adjunctus): These are shut kinfolk of mattress bugs. They’ve the same look however will be distinguished by longer hairs on their head. In contrast to mattress bugs, bat bugs feed totally on bat blood, and whereas they don’t fly, the bats they affiliate with can deliver them into properties.

  • Swallow Bugs (Oeciacus vicarius): Swallow bugs, like bat bugs, appear like mattress bugs. However are related to birds, particularly swallows. They don’t have the potential to fly however could also be transported into properties by nesting birds.

  • Booklice (Liposcelis spp.): Although not true lice, these bugs can typically be mistaken for mattress bugs. They’re able to flying and sometimes present in damp areas or round previous books and papers.

  • Fleas (Siphonaptera spp.): Fleas are tiny, wingless bugs with a powerful capacity to leap. They could be confused with mattress bugs on account of their small dimension and desire for residing on mammals, together with people.

  • Carpet Beetles (Dermestidae spp.): These beetles are sometimes mistaken for mattress bugs. They’ve a rounded, variegated look and might fly. Whereas mattress bugs feed on blood, carpet beetles are drawn to materials, furs, and saved meals merchandise.


Mattress bugs is usually a nuisance however, they can’t fly. They haven’t any wings and as an alternative depend on their legs to entry meals sources and conceal areas inside your property. 

But, some winged bugs do share similarities with mattress bugs. Understanding the variations between them is essential for correct pest identification and administration.



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