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30 forms of cheese you must attempt

Cheddar originated in England, nonetheless, there isn’t any protected standing for the time period ‘cheddar’, so the cheese may be made wherever. Usually made with cow’s milk, cheddar made with sheep’s or goat’s milk is changing into more and more fashionable, as are smoked varieties. Spherical truckles of farmhouse cheddar, resembling Pitchfork and Montgomery’s, are sometimes cloth-bound and made with uncooked milk, while block cheddar, together with Cathedral Metropolis and Pilgrim’s Selection, is made on a a lot bigger scale in factories utilizing pasteurised milk. There are not any laws on ageing, with delicate cheddars usually offered at three months and “additional mature” at 15 months plus; the flavour getting extra intense as they age.


Slice of stilton on a wooden background

Stilton is a crumbly number of cheese, which may be blue, white or flavoured, with fruits resembling apricots, for instance. Probably the most well-known is Blue Stilton, which is geographically protected, which signifies that underneath its PDO, Britain’s most well-known blue can solely be made within the three counties of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire, utilizing pasteurised cow’s milk. There are simply six producers at present making such a cheese, together with Clawson, Cropwell Bishop and Colston Basset. Port is classically paired with Blue Stilton, however dessert wines and porters additionally work effectively.


Shredded parmesan cheese and grater on a cutting board. Grana padano cheese whole wedge and grated, stainless steel grater and green basil herb over wooden background. Hard cheese. Front view.

This grand Italian cheese, accurately titled Parmigiano Reggiano, has been made for greater than 900 years. Its protected standing means it will possibly solely be made in sure provinces with uncooked cow’s milk. The laborious cooked cheeses weigh as much as 38kgs and are matured for at the least 12 months, generally as much as 4 years! The older the cheese, the tougher and extra granular it turns into with an abundance of amino acid crystals; the flavour additionally turns into extra intense. The sort of cheese is great for grating over pasta, but additionally deserves its place on a cheeseboard, served with highly effective reds, resembling Barolo.

Extra like this


Vegan Tofu feta cheese with dried oregano, basil, thyme and garlic. Healthy Food

Feta is a comfortable, crumbly cheese constructed from both sheep’s milk or a mix of sheep’s and goat’s milk and saved in brine or oil. The traditional cheese was at risk of dropping its identification within the Nineteen Nineties when it was industrially produced throughout Europe, however after a protracted marketing campaign, Greece secured a PDO for the cheese in 2002 that means feta can now solely be made in Greece with a minimal of 70% sheep’s milk. Feta is nice in pies, pastries and salads and the saltiness of this cheese selection makes it a very good match for crisp, refreshing beers, resembling Pilsner.


Ricotta (Traditional italian cream cheeses), studio

Ricotta is an Italian comfortable, contemporary whey cheese made with milk from sheep, cow or goat. There’s a protected Italian water buffalo model, however in any other case ricotta may be made wherever. With its candy, milky and citric flavours, this creamy delicate cheese is a key ingredient in Italian cooking, resembling a filling for ravioli and cannelloni, in addition to desserts. Westcombe Dairy, which makes Somerset Ricotta with whey from cheddar manufacturing, suggests drizzling it with honey or spreading it on toast with jam or olive oil.


Plate of air fryed halloumi

Cyprus’ most well-known export, halloumi, has been made on the Mediterranean island since at the least 1554, but it surely was solely in 2021 that it was awarded an EU PDO. The cheese was historically made with milk from sheep and goats, however cows’ milk is now additionally typically added. Conventional contemporary halloumi is salty and minty in flavour, and its laborious, shut texture, typically described as squeaky, makes it straightforward to slice. This, together with a excessive melting level, makes it a very good number of cheese for grilling or frying. Grilled halloumi served with watermelon is a favorite in Cyprus, as is grilled halloumi drizzled with honey.


Sliced cheese on chopping board

A tough cooked cheese, Emmentaler (typically shortened to Emmental) is arguably Switzerland’s most well-known meals due to its iconic holes. While ‘Emmentaler Switzerland’ is registered as a geographical indication in Switzerland and specifies that uncooked cows milk have to be used and the cheeses aged for at the least 4 months, the time period ‘emmental‘ will not be protected and the cheese is consequently made everywhere in the world from Finland to the US, the place additionally it is generally known as Swiss cheese. A key ingredient in fondue, Emmentaler is a superb cooking cheese for melting in baked items, toasties and on burgers.

Monterey Jack

Shredded Quesadilla Cheese

The recipe for this American laborious cheese was first dropped at Monterey County in California within the 1700s by Franciscan monks from Mexico. The cheese, constructed from cow’s milk, was made well-known within the nineteenth century by immigrant Scottish cheesemaker David Jacks, who offered it as Jack’s Cheese. Monterey Jack may be offered rindless or coated in paraffin or wax, whereas mature variations (Dry Jack) are rubbed with oil, cocoa and pepper. The cheese is usually eaten at only a month or two outdated when the flavour is delicate and milky and makes a terrific melting cheese for Mexican meals.


Homemade mozzarella

Initially referred to as “mozza” from the Italian phrase mozzarre – to lop off – a reference to the pasta filata “pulled curd” course of, mozzarella is classed as a comfortable, contemporary and unripened cheese. Whereas mozzarella is made everywhere in the world from buffalo and cows’ milk, it’s mozzarella di bufala campana from central-southern Italy that’s broadly prized above all else. As a consequence of its excessive moisture content material, it is best eaten the day after it is made, however may be saved in brine for as much as per week. There are some low-moisture varieties with have a for much longer shelf life, however finest reserved for cooking with.


Traditional buffolo milk mozzarella cheese on the plate

Named after the Italian phrase for butter (‘burro’) due to its wealthy, creamy flavour, Burrata is a comfortable, contemporary cheese that when sliced, the creamy inside ought to move out. A pouch of mozzarella is made utilizing the pasta filata (stretched curd) methodology, which is then crammed with ribbons of mozzarella blended with cream (stracciatella), and tied on the high. Like mozzarella, burrata needs to be eaten as younger as potential. Drizzle with additional virgin olive oil and/or aged balsamic and serve with tomatoes and crusty bread.


Piece of Pecorino Romano cheese on wooden lazy susan. Ivory background. Light effect.

Pecorino cheeses are quite a lot of laborious cooked Italian cheeses constructed from sheep’s milk. There are six major varieties, all of which have PDO standing. One such selection is Pecorino Sardo, which have to be made in Sardinia and is an important a part of the island’s rural financial system. It may be made in two kinds: dolce (candy/delicate) and maturo (mature). The dolce cheese has a agency however springy texture and is delicate and candy, whereas Pecorino Sardo Maturo is difficult in texture and extra intense and salty. Each are good for grating over pasta dishes or as an alternative choice to Parmigiana.


Slices of gouda cheese

This tough cheese, named after town in South Holland, is a massively fashionable cheese worldwide, accounting for 50-60% of the world’s cheese consumption. Normally constructed from cow’s milk, though goat’s milk varieties may be discovered, gouda itself will not be protected and so is produced in lots of international locations. The cheeses may be aged from one month to a number of years with older varieties tending to have a sharper, nuttier flavour, whereas cumin seeds and different spices are sometimes added. Aged, smoked gouda works effectively on a cheeseboard with a sturdy pink wine.


Wensleydale cheese with crackers

Wensleydale is a crumbly cheese initially produced by French Cistercian monks within the North of England within the twelfth Century. Regardless of largely being made in the present day in business creameries all through the UK, “Yorkshire Wensleydale” is a geographically protected selection with the title solely permitted to be used by these made within the Wensleydale area. It’s made with cow’s milk and aged for as much as 12 months. Eaten younger, the cheese is delicate and milky with citrus flavours and goes effectively with an IPA or a light-weight, fruity pink.


Single piece of brie cheese over table.

One of many world’s favorite styles of cheese, the time period ‘brie’ will not be protected and can be utilized to explain this comfortable, mould-ripened cheese, which may be manufactured wherever on this planet. Usually, bries have a really white bloomy rind with easy dairy flavours, moderately than the complicated vegetal notes related to conventional Brie de Meaux, which is roofed by a PDO and have to be made in a selected approach in a area simply east of Paris. The bubbles of a glowing wine work effectively to reboot the palate after this creamy cheese. Take a look at our assortment of recipes utilizing brie.

Goat’s cheese

Fresh soft goat cheese from Tarn, France

Goat’s cheese merely refers to any cheese that’s made with goat’s milk, of which there are tons of of various varieties. The cheeses range from younger, comfortable and really contemporary to laborious and aged and may be made into many sorts of cheese overlaying an enormous spectrum of ages, textures and flavour, resembling chevre log, blue and gouda.

As goat’s milk has a special construction to that of cows, with smaller fats molecules, it may be simpler to digest. Some individuals discuss with a cheese as having a “goaty” flavour, which tends to be tangy and earthy when younger, and candy and caramelly when aged. Goat’s cheese is ideal on a Christmas cheeseboard.


A woman packages portions of cheese in a Manchego cheese factory.

Manchego, protected by its PDO, can solely be made within the La Mancha area of Spain from the wealthy milk of the Manchega sheep breed. There are numerous kinds of Manchego, relying on age. The tender, buttery fresco is usually just some weeks outdated. Semicurado is aged for as much as 4 months and has a firmer texture, though nonetheless delicate flavour, whereas the three-to six-month curado is tougher nonetheless with the beginnings of Manchego’s trademark candy dairy and nutty traits. That is totally pronounced in viejo (outdated) cheeses, that are aged for a 12 months or extra and have a protracted complicated flavour.


Still life of Edam cheese with quince chutney, on chopping board

Edam is a tough cheese that takes its title from the North Holland harbour city the place it was first traded within the 18th century. Historically, Edam was made by hand after which the cheeses have been stacked on high of one another; it was granted PGI standing in 2010 and is just permitted to be made within the Netherlands with milk from Dutch cows. Younger cheeses have a mild, milky flavour which intensifies because the cheese ages. Aged edam has a drier, barely crumbly texture with a flavour balanced between wealthy umami and caramel notes.


Camembert cheese and knife

Camembert is a comfortable, mould-ripened small cheese, much like brie. The time period ‘camembert’ will not be protected so can be utilized everywhere in the world, however ‘Camembert de Normandie’ have to be produced in Normandy with uncooked milk from herds with at the least 50% Normande cows. The flavour tends to be stronger and extra rustic than Brie de Meaux with intense vegetal and earthy notes. Usually camembert tends to be offered entire in skinny, spherical, wood containers constructed from poplar, which may also be used to bake the cheese entire therein. Take pleasure in with a buttery white Burgundy wine. Take a look at our assortment of gooiest ever cheese recipes.


Woman w 45 cutting French Comté Cheese made from ecologically produced raw milk with a large two-Handled Cheese Knife

Labeled as a tough cooked Alpine-style cheese, Comté is made within the Franche-Comté area of jap France bordering Switzerland. Farmers on this mountainous area have pooled milk to make massive wheels (as much as 70cm in diameter) of cheese since at the least the eleventh century. With strict controls over its AOC protected standing, solely uncooked milk from Montbeliarde and French Simmental cows can be utilized and the milk should come from inside a 25km diameter of the dairy. Aged for as much as 36 months, the vary of flavours is various, with candy, nutty and savoury the commonest.


Traditional Mascarpone cheese in wooden bowl on table or background

This comfortable, unripened cheese is the richest of all of the cream cheeses with a 60-75% fats. Mascarpone hails from the Lombardy area of Italy and dates again to the sixteenth century. Normally constructed from cow’s milk, mascarpone will not be protected underneath EU regulation as a result of it’s already broadly made all over the world, nonetheless the Italian authorities have awarded it Prodotto Agroalimentare Tradizionale standing, which recognises it as a standard agricultural meals. Delicate and velvety in texture with a candy, creamy flavour, mascarpone is a flexible ingredient: attempt spreading on bread, or use it to thicken sauces or fold into desserts.


Straciatella fresh italian creamy cheese. Wooden background. Top view.

Stracciatella is a comfortable, contemporary cheese produced from Italian buffalo milk within the province of Foggia, positioned within the southern Italian area of Apulia. Stracciatella originated in Andria, Apulia, the place mozzarella was historically formed right into a knot as a substitute of a ball. Unsold knots would agency up significantly after a day on the shelf, so that they have been undone and peeled aside into strings, which have been then soaked in heavy cream. These days, it’s made utilizing a stretching (pasta filata) and shredding approach. When blended with thick cream, stracciatella can be used to make burrata.


Cheshire Cheese isolated on a white background.

Cheshire cheese has a venerable historical past, stretching again to at the least the sixteenth Century and was the preferred English cheese within the late 18th century, till cheddar and imported cheeses rose to prominence. Right this moment this crumbly, delicate and milky flavoured cheese is made utilizing pasteurised cow’s milk in large factories everywhere in the UK, with Appleby’s being the one farmhouse producer left making a standard cloth-bound Cheshire with uncooked milk. The cheese ought to have zesty and mineral notes, plus a protracted end. The inside may be ivory white or colored a light-weight pink with the addition of annatto.


Cutting paneer into pieces on wooden board

The origins of paneer are unclear; it’s steered that both Persian or Portuguese invaders launched it within the sixteenth century, whereas India’s robust custom with dairy merchandise may imply that they’d been making this comfortable, un-aged cheese for for much longer. It is a easy cheese, utilizing warmth and acid, normally lemon or lime juice, to coagulate both buffalo or cow’s milk. It tends to be delicate and milky and usually does not include any salt. As paneer doesn’t truly soften, it is typically utilized in vegetarian dishes as a meat substitute.


An overhead close up horizontal photograph of a wedge of Jarlsberg cheese on a wooden cutting board, several round crackers and a few red grapes.

Initially developed within the late 1800s, Jarlsberg disappeared round World Struggle One, to reappear within the late Nineteen Fifties. Right this moment it’s made by Tine, a Norwegian dairy co-operative with factories in Norway, Eire and the US. They produce the cow’s milk cheese in 10kg plastic-coated wheels, in addition to in a rindless block format and age it for between three months to over a 12 months. The end result, someplace between a gouda and an Emmentaler, is a tough, but pliable cheese with small to medium-sized holes. Delicate, candy and nutty in flavour, it is a staple in Norwegian sandwiches in addition to being a terrific melting cheese.


Slices of provolone cheese on a plate with slices of red pepper and cherry tomatoes

Provolone is a tough cow’s milk cheese, made utilizing the pasta filata (stretched curd) methodology. It’s made all over the world in varied shapes (conical, cylindrical, melon- or pear-shaped) and sizes (1kg-100kg), however is believed to have first originated in Southern Italy. This aged pasta filata cheese is tied with rope or raffia and hung up because it matures. The title ‘Provolone’ will not be protected so may be made wherever, though there are two protected varieties: Provolone del Monaco PDO, which have to be made with uncooked cow’s milk within the Naples area and Provolone Valpadana PDO, which have to be made with cows’ milk within the Po Valley.

Crimson Leicester

Leicestershire cheese or red leicester, British hard cheese made from cow milk close up

Traditionally, made on farms in Leicestershire from surplus cow’s milk from making stilton, most Crimson Leicesters at the moment are produced in massive, rindless blocks in factories and aged in plastic. However some smaller farmhouse makers, resembling Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Firm, nonetheless use the normal approach of maturing their Sparkenhoe Crimson Leicester in fabric for higher flavour growth, including annato – a pure pink colourant derived from dried plant seeds. The cheese is compact however flaky, with buttery and nutty notes. The malty spine and sweetness of bitter or amber ales make a terrific pairing.


Wedge of gruyere cheese on board, with knife, close-up

This mighty mountain cheese, which may hint its historical past again to 1115, takes its title from the Swiss market city of Gruyères, the place it has lengthy been traded. The laborious, Alpine cheese is made in round 165 village dairies and, in accordance with its protected AOP standing, have to be made within the cantons of Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Jura, and Bernemust. It’s matured by specialist affineurs for as much as 18 months. Candy and nutty when younger, it turns into extra savoury and sophisticated because it matures. A beautiful cheese for melting in baked items and fondue, Gruyère works effectively with fruity reds, together with Burgundy and Côtes du Rhône.


Pieces of gorgonzola cheese on chopping board

There are two forms of this Italian blue cheese: Gorgonzola Dolce, which makes up the overwhelming majority of manufacturing, and is comfortable and creamy with a fragile blue spice, whereas Gorgonzola Piccante is aged at larger temperatures and for longer so has a crumbly texture and stronger flavour. Each varieties are protected underneath a PDO, that means they will solely be produced with pasteurised cows’ milk within the Lombardy and Piedmont areas of Italy. The sweetness of fruity reds and dessert wines work with each the creaminess of Gorgonzola Dolce and the spice of Piccante.

Lincolnshire Poacher

A truckle of Cheese and sliced fig, on a Wooden Cheese Board.

A cheddar that’s influenced by Alpine cheeses, resembling gruyère, poacher was first developed in 1992 and is now produced on the sting of the Lincolnshire Wolds by brothers and fourth-generation farmers Simon and Tim Jones. Made with unpasteurised milk from their very own herd, this difficult cheese is painted with a plastic coating, which allows the cheese to breathe because it matures, which may be from wherever between 14-16 months. The cheese has a easy and compact texture, with a variety of flavours from tropical fruits to nutty, savoury notes, which intensify because it ages.

Cornish Yarg

Cornish yarg with a piece cut out

Cornish Yarg was first produced greater than 30 years in the past by a farmer named Alan Grey (Yarg is Grey spelled backwards), who present in an attic, a seventeenth century recipe for a nettle-wrapped cheese. Right this moment, the crumbly cow’s milk cheese is made by Catherine Mead and her crew at Lynher Dairies close to Truro. “Nettlers” hand-paint foraged stinging nettles onto the younger cheeses, attracting a fragile layer of white mildew, which breaks down the paste because the cheese ripens for as much as 12 weeks. The earthy rind offers solution to a crumbly citrus and yogurt paste on the core.

In the event you’d prefer to take a deeper dive, head over to the Academy of Cheese’s Library of Cheese or join the Academy’s Stage One coaching course to develop into a real cheese professional.

The Academy of Cheese is a worldwide chief in cheese training with the goal to take you on a scrumptious cheese journey, by way of research, tasting experiences and recipe inspiration. Established in 2016 by UK business specialists, the Academy’s licensed programme is recognised worldwide by cheese lovers, cheesemongers and cheesemakers. Subscribe and comply with on their socials @cheese_academy.



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