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Truth Combine 864: Bloomfeld

For his joyous Truth combine Bloomfeld relentlessly chases totally different kinds and definitions of ecstasy, tracing the connections between dissociative Euro-hedonism and modern Pan-African music.

Because the ringleader of Berlin-based, multidisciplinary artwork collective Overthinker Mob, Bloomfeld is all too aware of using the road between concept-orientated, heady approaches to music and tracks aimed squarely on the physique, sound that rattles bones and dwell efficiency which you can really feel in your inside organs. Conceived as an nameless house for unfinished music that may be understood in numerous methods as overthought and based with the intent to disrupt standard fashions for distributing music and visible artwork, Overthinker Mob gestures in the direction of a extra holistic, community-focused method, the identical method that Bloomfeld takes in the direction of his personal manufacturing and deciding on. His debut album, LARP OS, is a mirrored image on the producer’s nascent years by way of the lens of live-action function enjoying video games, a performative follow of assumed identification that Bloomfeld identifies with in his on a regular basis interactions. “In my view I’m blessed with the flexibility to distinguish and compartmentalise the characters I undertake to navigate my circumstances, and I’ve a robust bond with all of them,” he explains. Selecting a mannequin that displays shifting between the personalities of a number of avatars, versus a single protagonist identification, Bloomfeld rejects a singular sound, selecting as a substitute to amplify polyphony, drawing from a large breadth of sounds and types and in so doing tracing the connections between them.

It’s this adventurous sense of audio exploration that drives Bloomfeld’s joyous Truth combine, which sees the artist chasing totally different kinds and definitions of ecstasy throughout continents and a long time. “This combine compiles just a few current findings for my ‘Ethnofuturist Transmissions’ and ‘Non-Bodily Rave’ playlists, in addition to extra aged ones,” he says. “I’m not saying I wasn’t simply messing about with a bunch of bangers, however I attempted my finest at deconstructing some acquainted sonic aesthetics connotated with ecstatic European hedonism to uncover components that overlap with each fashionable (Pan-) African and ancestral ideas of ecstasy.” Bounding between gqom, amapiano, lure, darkish ambient, breaks, bass and techno, Bloomfeld relentlessly pursues the superposition of dissociative euro-hedonism by powerfully bodily rhythms developed with the exact function of guiding ecstatic motion. On this hybrid house, held between ‘Ethnofuturist’ physique music and ‘Non-Bodily’ braindance head-scratchers, experimental stalwart Objekt and rising Berlin producer Notte Infinita tune in to the identical darkish euphoria and erotic rigidity as gqom royalty Newlandz Most interesting and DJ Lag and industrial amapiano duo Aryu Jassika and Bujin.

The irresistible skip of Gafacci’s iconic amapiano and azonto replace of Haddaway’s ‘What Is Love’ amplifies the unfastened pleasure of latest UK funky collective Funkystepz, whereas DJ Lag and Sinjin Hawke’s cyber-gqom smasher ‘Raptor’ channels the identical maximalism as a classic lure instrumental from UZ. Whether or not it’s Bliss Sign’s scorched-earth ambient into Bambounou’s intricate puzzle field breaks, Massacooraman’s ice-cold instrumental grime post-mortem of Prettybwoy’s’ ‘Shadow Riddim,’ paving the best way for Lorenzo Senni’s brittle straight edge rave to seep into lysergic percussive reflection from House Drum Meditation, or NKC’s cacophonous arduous drum sound lending riotous power to Gafacci and Chefbanku’s ‘KICKY’, it’s clear that Bloomfeld is continually juggling totally different conceptions of the ecstatic – whether or not narcotic, transcendent or just simply giddy. What’s clear above all is that Bloomfeld is having the very best time, even supposing he, and we, may nicely be overthinking it.

Yow will discover Bloomfeld on Instagram. LARP OS arrives on July 1, on Lobster Theremin.


Objekt – ‘Secret Snake’
Notte Infinita – ‘ID’ (unreleased)
Newlandz Most interesting x Omagoqa – ‘That Bass’
DJ Lag x Common C’mamane – ‘No Childs Play’
Aryu Jassika x Bujin – ‘Miss Madam Flesh Eater’
Gafacci – ‘What’s Love’
Funkystepz – ‘Ninjaclart’
Newlandz Most interesting – ‘N.F.C.S’
DJ Lag x Sinjin Hawke – ‘Raptor’
UZ – ‘Entice Shit V6’
Bloomfeld – ‘QR vs. PIN’ (unreleased)
Bloomfeld – ‘Dangerous Concept’ (unreleased)
Ludwig Wandinger – ‘ID’
Bliss Sign – ‘Gradual Scan’
Bambounou – ‘Temple’
DJ Lag x OKZharp – ‘Steam One’
Hectic Boyz – ‘Badlands’
Notte Infinita – ‘ID’ (unreleased)
Mafou – ‘ID’ (unreleased)
Alys – ‘ID’ (unreleased)
Logic1000 – ‘Derriere’
Bloomfeld – ‘Voodoo Bref’ (unreleased)
Prettybwoy – ‘Shadow Riddim (Massacooramaan Remix)’
Lorenzo Senni – ‘Rave Voyeur’
House Drum Meditation – ‘Müde Augen’
MM – ‘Tompocalypse’
NKC – ‘Hissing’
Gafacci x Chefbanku – ‘KICKY’

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