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Does Washing Garments Kill Mattress Bugs? [Which Temp Is Best?]

Have you ever ever questioned if washing garments kills mattress bugs? There’s a variety of conflicting info on the market about this, and it may be onerous to know the reality.

I’m going to let you recognize, does washing garments kill mattress bugs, and allow you to know some tips about eliminating your undesirable mattress bug mates for good…

Does Washing Clothes Kill Bed Bugs?

Why Is It so Tough to Get Rid of Mattress Bugs?

Mattress bugs are tough to do away with as a result of they’ve developed some ways to keep away from being killed.

Coping with a mattress bug infestation means going through a tricky survivor that has tailored for hundreds of years.

These pests are tiny and flat, to allow them to go into small areas that common remedies can’t attain.

Plus, they’ll survive for months with out feeding, biding their time till circumstances are proper to resurface.

Does Washing Garments Kill Mattress Bugs?

Commonly washing your garments can certainly kill mattress bugs if the water temperature and cycle length are appropriately set to get rid of these persistent pests.

Whenever you’re coping with a mattress bug infestation, merely tossing your garments into the laundry mightn’t be sufficient. You’ve obtained to show up the warmth, fairly actually.

To make sure that you’re successfully eliminating mattress bugs when washing garments or bedding, comply with these steps:

  • Excessive Warmth is Key: Washing garments in scorching water (a minimum of 140°F) successfully kills mattress bugs in any respect life levels, together with eggs.
  • Dry on Excessive Warmth: Utilizing a dryer on excessive warmth for a minimum of half-hour after washing can additional make sure you kill all mattress bugs.
  • Seal Earlier than and After: Place infested garments in a sealed plastic bag earlier than washing. This may assist to forestall spreading; seal clear garments after drying.
  • Examine Laundry Baskets: Verify and clear laundry baskets or hampers. As mattress bugs can disguise there and re-infest clear garments.
  • Don’t Overload: Make sure the washer isn’t overloaded. To permit thorough warmth penetration and efficient killing of mattress bugs.
  • Non-Washable Gadgets: For gadgets that may’t be washed, utilizing a dryer on excessive warmth for half-hour can nonetheless be efficient.
  • Dry Clear with Warning: Inform the dry cleaners when you suspect mattress bugs in non-washable gadgets to forestall unfold.
  • Common Laundering: Commonly washing and drying garments can assist forestall and management minor mattress bug infestations.

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bed bugs on clothing before going in a washing machine

Function of Water Temperature For Killing Mattress Bugs

You’ll discover that water temperature performs a pivotal function in exterminating mattress bugs through the laundry course of.

Mattress bugs can survive within the washer if the circumstances aren’t deadly sufficient. 

Analysis exhibits that mattress bugs could be killed by exposing them to temperatures of 118 levels Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

But, cranking up the warmth to about 122 levels ensures a faster demise, usually inside minutes.

Whenever you’re prepping your laundry, set your machine to the best potential temperature that your materials can deal with.

At all times examine garment labels to keep away from injury. Scorching water is your finest ally on this battle towards mattress bugs.

The excessive water temperature kills the stay bugs and destroys their eggs, that are even more durable to eradicate.

Merely throwing your garments into the washer with out adjusting the settings might not be sufficient.

If the water temperature doesn’t attain the kill zone, mattress bugs might endure the wash cycle.

To ensure you’re not giving these pests a free journey by means of the suds, choose the ‘scorching’ water possibility.

After washing, drying your garments on the best warmth setting that’s secure for the material will add an additional degree of safety. Because the extended publicity to warmth within the dryer will take out any stragglers.

woman putting bed bug infested clothing inside a washing machine

Can A Dryer Kill Mattress Bugs?

Effectivity is vital once you’re tackling a mattress bug infestation. Utilizing a dryer can considerably improve your possibilities of eliminating these pests.

Whenever you use a dryer to kill mattress bugs, you’re harnessing the facility of excessive temperatures, which is an efficient methodology in your pest management arsenal.

Mattress bugs are notoriously hardy in terms of surviving in varied environments, however they’ve a weak point: warmth.

A dryer can generate sufficient warmth to successfully kill the bugs and their eggs. Guaranteeing that your garments and different material gadgets are not harboring these undesirable friends.

  • Warmth Cycle: Run your dryer on the best warmth setting for a minimum of half-hour. Mattress bugs die at temperatures above 120°F (49°C). Dryers normally attain greater temperatures.

  • Dryer Luggage: For delicate gadgets, use particular dryer-safe luggage. These will defend your clothes whereas nonetheless exposing the mattress bugs to deadly temperatures.

  • Publish-Wash Routine: Instantly switch your washed gadgets from the washer to the dryer. This may forestall any mattress bugs from escaping.

  • Empty Dryer: Guarantee your dryer is empty earlier than use to keep away from giving mattress bugs a spot to cover from the warmth.

  • Common Upkeep: Clear the lint lure earlier than and after operating the dryer. This may assist to kill mattress bugs, as they’ll generally take refuge within the accrued lint.

bed bugs crawling on top of a clothing garment

Detergents and Mattress Bugs

Your dryer helps battle mattress bugs, however detergents are additionally necessary for laundry and eliminating mattress bugs.

Common detergents aren’t made to kill bugs, however they can assist with pest management.

The mechanical motion of the washer, mixed with the detergents, helps to take away and wash away mattress bugs and their eggs from material.

How Can I Forestall Mattress Bugs From Infesting My Clothes within the First Place?

To keep away from mattress bugs in your garments whereas touring, retailer them in sealed luggage or containers.

Examine and vacuum your dwelling areas, and when you suspect publicity, instantly wash and dry your garments on excessive warmth.

Don’t neglect to declutter your house to cut back hiding spots for these pests.

woman standing in a laundromat waiting for her clothes to be washed to kill bed bugs

How Ought to I Deal with Clothes that I Can’t Wash or Expose to Excessive Temperatures?

When coping with garments that may’t be washed or heated, it’s best to seal them in a plastic bag and place them within the freezer for a minimum of 4 days.

Chilly temperatures beneath 0°F (-18°C) will kill any mattress bugs. Afterward, you possibly can take them out and shake them off outdoors, to verify no lifeless bugs stay.

It’s a secure different when conventional laundering isn’t an possibility.

Can Mattress Bugs Survive within the Washing Machine or Dryer After a Cycle Is Full?

Mattress bugs are resilient pests, however mattress bugs can’t survive excessive warmth and different environmental stresses.

Mattress bugs can get into garments within the washer, however they’ll’t survive the cycle.

The temperatures reached throughout a wash and dry cycle are sufficient to kill any mattress bugs that will have been dwelling contained in the machine.

It’s really useful to make use of scorching water (a minimum of 120 ºF) with common laundry cycles if there’s a threat of mattress bugs.

To do away with bugs in your garments, wash them in scorching water and dry them utterly.


Can washing garments kill mattress bugs? Sure. Commonly washing your garments with scorching water and lengthy cycles can assist eradicate these pesky pests from material surfaces.

When mixed with drying gadgets on excessive warmth for a minimum of half-hour, the extermination course of is extra thorough.

To extend your likelihood of success, take additional precautions towards resilient mattress bugs. Freeze delicate gadgets or seal washed gadgets in hermetic containers.



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