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Are VVS Diamonds Made In A Lab?

Technological developments have had a profound influence on the diamond trade. Whereas earlier than, the one supply of diamonds was those who got here from the earth’s crust.

Now we’ve the choice of lab-created or lab-grown diamonds. What chances are you’ll want to pay attention to is that they’ve been round for fairly a while.

The primary instance of artificial diamonds got here out in 1954. But the lab diamond creation processes began as early because the Nineteen Forties. However due to the Second World Struggle, GE needed to postpone Undertaking Superpressure, as they known as it.

Please word that the preliminary gems GE produced have been for industrial use. It wasn’t till 1971 that the staff managed to make gem-quality crystals.

Our article explores whether or not VVS diamonds are made in a lab. To reply the query, What’s a VVS diamond, we’ve to enter an in-depth exploration of VVS diamonds.

VVS Diamonds That means

If you recognize something about diamonds, you could have come throughout the 4Cs. This refers to chop, carat, shade, and readability.

In the case of VVS diamonds, the realm of Curiosity is in readability. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) developed a grading system for readability. We are able to summarize them as follows:

  • Flawless or FL incorporates zero blemishes or inclusions below 10X magnification.
  • Internally Flawless or IF have zero inclusions below 10X magnification.
  • Very very included has two classes, specifically VVS1 and VVS2. Seeing the distinction between the 2 classes could be tough. And this is applicable to consultants or educated graders. It doesn’t get simpler, even below 10x magnification.
  • Very barely included incorporates two classes, that are VS1 and VS2. The inclusions or flaws are minor. With some effort, you will note them below 10X magnification.
  • Barely included, like within the instances above, has two classes, specifically SI1 and SI2. You’ll discover the inclusions below 10X magnification.
  • Included has three classes, specifically I, II, and III. The inclusions are quite noticeable below 10X magnification. That is the bottom grading as a result of the stones lack brilliance and transparency.

Please word that the upper the size, the costlier the diamonds. However what does the grading need to do with VVS lab diamonds? Nicely, we’ll present the reply by clarifying the diamond formation course of.

Are VVS Diamonds Made In A Lab?

A sure or no reply will suffice as to if VVS diamonds are made in a lab. As we said within the introduction, lab-grown diamonds haven’t been round for very lengthy. That’s for those who evaluate it with the origin of diamonds.

Historic data point out that as early because the fourth century BC, Indians have been already buying and selling in diamonds. By 1400, the European elite wore treasured stones as style equipment.

There are two diamond sources and kinds.

Pure Diamonds

Pure diamonds kind within the earth’s crust. We’re speaking about distances of roughly 100 to 200 km under the floor. The dear stones are a results of the motion of excessive stress and temperatures on carbon atoms.

The chemical response on the carbon atoms causes them to bond right into a crystalline construction. Volcanic eruptions and geological processes are answerable for bringing crystals to the floor.

Lab Grown Diamonds

The manufacturing of lab-grown diamonds is fairly fascinating. The producers should create comparable circumstances as you’ll discover within the earth’s crust. One of many fashionable strategies is the HPHT or high-pressure, high-temperature approach.

The groups place small diamond seeds in small chambers that include carbon gasses like hydrogen and methane. They then apply excessive stress and temperature ensuing within the bonding of the carbon atoms.

One other technique incorporates using CVD or chemical vapor deposition. It’s the identical chamber and diamond seed technique as above. However on this case, the staff’s ionized gasses utilizing microwaves or different types of vitality. The result’s the bonding of the atoms to kind the crystalline construction.

Lab-grown diamonds are receiving a variety of consideration. Certainly a cursory web search will present you celebrities who’re endorsing them. Large names are sporting lab-created diamond equipment. These embrace Zoe Kravitz, Girl Gaga, Penelope Cruz, Mandy Moore, Emma Watson, and Megan Markel.

Certainly some have voiced assist for the rising trade. The actor Leonardo DiCaprio for instance grew to become an investor in a lab-grown diamond firm.

The spirited adoption of lab-grown diamonds might be resulting from numerous causes. One of the vital vital is the rallying name for extra moral and sustainable sourcing of diamonds. For a very long time, mining corporations have come below the highlight for studies on poor working circumstances. The method additionally has a adverse influence on the atmosphere.

There has additionally been a reference to blood diamonds. Some international locations will promote the diamonds and use the cash to finance armed battle towards insurgent teams and governments. The identical goes for funding human rights abuses, together with little one and compelled labor.

VVS Diamond Formation

From the GIA grading we shared above, the diamonds fall into particular grades because of the inclusions. However what does it even imply?

An inclusion is an impurity or imperfection in diamonds. Not like exterior blemishes, inclusions are inside.

Through the formation course of, different supplies could embed within the diamonds. Ultimately, the international materials turns into part of the ultimate diamond.

Now what’s fascinating is that a few of the inclusions are so minor. And even with x10 magnification, you continue to require expert-level data to see them.

So VVS Diamonds are only one step behind flawless diamonds. Such stones are very uncommon and are available at a hefty price ticket.

So How Do You Get VVS Lab Diamonds?

If you recognize something about lab settings, you know the way tight controls are. It might be simple to assume that international materials wouldn’t discover its approach into the forming diamonds.

Nicely, regardless of essentially the most stringent controls and sterile circumstances, some impurities can embed within the lab diamonds. The result’s VVS lab diamonds that fall below grade VVS1 or VVS2. VVS1 inclusions are minor and really tough to see below magnification.

VVS2 could have barely extra seen inclusions. However you can’t see the tiny flaws with the bare eye. As said above, even consultants will battle to catch a glimpse of the impurities.

The inclusions usually range in measurement and site throughout the diamond. When you handle to see them, they take numerous types, together with:

  • Crystals which might be white, black, or numerous colours and shapes
  • Cracks that resemble feathers and are clear or white
  • Pinpoint, or dot-like flaws could usually seem anyplace or in every single place within the diamond. As a consequence of their transparency, they’re difficult to see with the bare eye.
  • Clouds or tiny clusters that give a hazy or cloudy look to the diamond
  • Needle-like inclusions that appear to be fibers and are usually clear or white

So are VVS diamonds made in a lab? Sure, they are often below the circumstances we’ve highlighted above. However additionally, you will discover VVS diamonds in those who come from the earth.

Distinguishing VVS Lab Diamonds From VVS Simulated Diamonds

There may be one vital distinction between VVS lab diamonds and VVS simulated diamonds. And all of it comes all the way down to the truth that one is faux and the opposite is actual.

Are VVS lab diamonds actual? Very a lot so, regardless of the reference to them as artificial diamonds. We reiterate that the producers mimic the precise circumstances that happen throughout pure diamond formation. The one distinction is that it happens in a lab and never within the earth’s crust.

Please word that the ensuing VVS diamonds bear the identical grading as pure diamonds. Which means they need to fulfill the GIA requirements. And sure, that applies to all of the 4Cs.

However, the price of VVS lab diamonds might be cheaper than the pure rocks. You can spend as much as 80% much less in your diamond engagement ring or that beautiful diamond tennis bracelet.

Many individuals are involved about whether or not VVS lab diamonds are actual. Nicely, you may relaxation simple realizing they’re. The cheaper price doesn’t imply that you’re shopping for a faux product. The explanations for the cheaper price are quite a few, together with:-


Lab manufacturing of the diamonds will increase availability. Pure diamonds are costlier as a result of they maximize the rarity issue. The rarer, the costlier.

Pure Diamonds cross by many palms earlier than they get to the ultimate buyer. Quite a few intermediaries deal with the stones from the uncooked product to the ultimate minimize product.

When you’re shopping for equipment like diamond engagement rings, the designers should additionally issue of their price. The identical applies to the markup the retailers need to put. All these prices will add to the excessive value of the diamonds.

The identical doesn’t apply to the VVS lab diamonds. It could actually come straight from the lab to the designers. That cuts out the go-betweens prices.

Manufacturing Processes

The VVS lab diamonds manufacturing price is way decrease than the mining course of. Diamond mining is a labor-intensive and expensive endeavor.

Provide consistency

The consistency within the provide of lab-grown diamonds removes the worth hikes resulting from fluctuation. Diamond merchants are inclined to money in when demand outweighs provide. De Beers, for instance, hiked costs by 8% within the first quarter of 2022. On the time, there was a shopping for frenzy for uncut diamonds.

What About VVS Simulated Diamonds?

VVS simulated diamonds, however, are faux. When you take a look at them, they’ll resemble diamonds. However they don’t share any similarities when it comes to bodily, chemical, or optical traits.

A number of supplies go into the manufacturing of lab-grown simulated diamonds. These embrace cubic zirconia, sapphire, moissanite, and topaz. Certainly these gems have for hundreds of years been diamond simulants.

It’s value noting that moissanite and cubic zirconia are lab-produced diamond simulants. There are some noticeable variations between VVS diamond simulants and VVS diamonds.


Simulated diamonds are usually very fragile. They will simply scratch, particularly on the aspect junctions. That is in contrast to diamonds that fall at ten on the Mohs hardness scale. 10 is the best achievable grade. That’s the reason many individuals will confer with diamonds as being the toughest pure substance. It additionally provides them the flexibility to deal with issues like sharpening with out dropping their luster.


Simulated diamonds are very fragile, and you could take excellent care of them. They’re liable to chipping and should even break.


Many diamond simulants like moissanite are inclined to have an intense hearth. That’s often a telling signal for anybody who is aware of rather a lot about diamonds. For some folks, it comes throughout as trying synthetic.

However it comes down to non-public choice. In order for you your diamond engagement ring to be noticeable throughout the room, then you definately would recognize the hearth of simulated diamonds.


The GIA doesn’t have grading tips nor challenge studies for VVS simulated diamonds.


It might be simple to assume that since they’re faux, VVS simulated Diamonds are low-cost. Nicely, that’s true for those who evaluate them to VVS diamonds or VVS lab diamonds. However a number of elements go into the pricing construction.

Cubic zirconia, which is widespread with simulated diamonds, can price you many hundred {dollars} for greater high quality stones. Moissanite is a little more costly than cubic zirconia and might price hundreds of {dollars} relying on the stone’s high quality.

However if you wish to make investments your cash in treasured stones, VVS lab diamonds are a a lot better possibility.

Remaining Ideas

Are VVS diamonds made in a lab? As we stated above, inclusions can occur in a lab setting through the formation of the diamonds. And the identical applies below the pure circumstances within the earth’s crust. However what you get are high-quality stones, that are uncommon and gorgeous.

We finish this text by reiterating some extent we made earlier. Take time to study all the things you may about diamonds if you wish to buy some. The trade has had its justifiable share of scammers. They might be promoting you a lower-quality stone at a better value. We have now additionally talked about simulated diamonds, so be looking out.

Your only option all the time is to purchase diamond equipment from respected sellers. Analysis their trade status and skim buyer evaluations.



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