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Which milk is best for you?

Milk allergy can be probably the most frequent childhood meals allergy symptoms, affecting about 2-3 per cent of infants within the UK, with signs starting from pores and skin circumstances to digestive issues.

Learn on to search out out which milk is best for you then take a look at our dairy-free recipes, how one can make dairy-free milk and what’s a dairy-free weight loss plan?

Skimmed, semi or full-fat?

Newest analysis reveals that skimmed milk might not essentially be the healthiest choice. Sure, it’s decrease in fats and energy than complete milk, and marginally increased in calcium, however some consultants recommend that the saturated fats in dairy will not be an issue by way of coronary heart well being. In reality, by ingesting skimmed we could also be lacking out on fat-soluble vitamins like nutritional vitamins A and E.

Semi-skimmed is low sufficient in fats to be a ‘low-fat’ meals, nevertheless it additionally has decrease ranges of fat-soluble nutritional vitamins than full-fat milk. So be sure to get your fat-soluble nutritional vitamins from different sources, equivalent to brightly colored salad or veg served with an oil dressing.

Which milk is greatest for infants?

The Division of Well being recommends solely breastfeeding your child for the primary six months of life – after you could proceed to breastfeed alongside the introduction of your child’s first stable meals. From the age of 1, complete cow’s milk could also be provided as a drink. Semi-skimmed is an choice from two years, and skimmed milk ought to solely be given after 5 years of age. At all times ask your GP or a dietitian for recommendation in case you have queries about breastfeeding or your child has a milk allergy – some alternate options, like soya drinks, could also be unsuitable.

Discover out extra about breastfeeding.

Select the correct one for you

Verify our information under for your best choice. Whether or not you select dairy milk or not, all the time embody loads of non-dairy sources of calcium in your weight loss plan, equivalent to canned salmon and sardines, inexperienced leafy veg, nuts and seeds, together with almonds and sesame seeds. Mix these meals with sources of vitamin D equivalent to eggs and oily fish – vitamin D helps your physique take advantage of calcium.

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Cow’s milk

Woman holding a bottle of organic fresh milk in supermarket

What’s it? A pure product, wealthy in protein and a supply of calcium. Natural milk comprises increased ranges of wholesome omega-3 fatty acids, and the cows are much less more likely to have been uncovered to antibiotics and pesticides. Some folks choose homogenised cow’s milk, as homogenisation breaks down the fats molecules, making the milk simpler to digest.

Good for… Cereal, porridge and in sizzling drinks, and naturally nutritious.

Style: Delicate and creamy.

Cooking: Perfect in sauces and bakes.

We examined… Full-fat milk, 50p/pt, Tesco.

Cow’s milk (full-fat) diet per 100ml:

  • 64kcals
  • 120mg calcium
  • 3.6g fats
  • 2.3g sat fats
  • 4.6g sugar
  • 3.4g protein

Lactose-free dairy drink

Glass of milk alternative

What’s it? A dairy drink made out of cow’s milk that has been filtered to take away lactose, and has the lactase enzyme added. It comprises the identical vitamins as common cow’s milk.

Good for… Those that are lactose-intolerant.

Style: Just like cow’s milk.

Cooking: Works in addition to cow’s milk.

We examined…Lactofree Complete dairy drink, £1.40/1 litre, Asda.

Lactose-free full-fat dairy drink diet per 100ml:

  • 57kcals
  • 126mg calcium
  • 3.5g fats
  • 2.2g sat fats
  • 2.8g sugar
  • 3.4g protein

Potato milk

Vegan potato milk in glass and potato

What’s it? A vegan, nut-free milk various made out of potatoes. It is a extra sustainable selection than another milk varieties, like almond milk, as potatoes require a fraction of the water to develop.

Good for… These with a nut allergy

Style: Barely sweeter than different milk alternate options

Cooking: Works effectively in sizzling drinks

We examined… Dug Barista Potato M*lk, £1.80/litre, Waitrose & Companions

Dug potato milk diet per 100ml:

  • 57 kcals
  • 120mg calcium
  • 3g fats
  • 0.2g sat fats
  • 3g sugar
  • 1.3g protein

A2 cow’s milk

Milk pouring into bowl of cereal

What’s it? Milk containing a2 protein solely. Cow’s milk consists of a variety of proteins, one group being caseins, the place the principle varieties are a2 and a1. New analysis means that a1 could cause intestine discomfort – when you’ve dominated out lactose-intolerance, you might strive a2 milk.

Good for… These affected by milk protein.

Style: Pretty much as good as cow’s milk.

Cooking: Works in addition to cow’s milk.

We examined… a2 Complete Milk, £1.39/1 litre, Asda.

a2 cow’s full-fat milk diet per 100ml:

  • 68 kcals
  • 129mg calcium
  • 3.5g fats
  • 2.2g sat fats
  • 4.7g sugar
  • 3.4g protein

Goat’s milk

Goat milk in different bottles

What’s it? A pure product, nutritionally just like cow’s milk.

Good for… Individuals who can’t tolerate cow’s milk, because it has smaller fats particles and fewer lactose. Works effectively in tea, espresso and sizzling chocolate.

Style: A powerful, distinctive flavour, barely candy with a generally salty undertone.

Cooking: Appropriate to be used in most recipes.

We examined…St Helen’s Farm Complete Goats Milk, £1.65/1 litre, Sainsbury’s.

Goat’s milk diet per 100ml:

  • 61 kcals
  • 120mg calcium
  • 3.5g fats
  • 2.4g sat fats
  • 4.3g sugar
  • 2.8g protein

Soy or soya milk various

Soy milk on a table

What’s it? Soya milk alternate options are comparable in protein content material to cow’s milk and are low in fats. Soy-based merchandise may help to handle levels of cholesterol, though you want about 25g soy protein, or 3-4 glasses of soya milk various a day, to attain this. Some manufacturers are fortified with calcium and nutritional vitamins A, B12 and D.

Good for… Non-dairy drinkers who’re on the lookout for a low-fat choice – test that your model consists of added calcium and nutritional vitamins A and D. Mixes effectively in tea and low.

Style: Nutty and thick, however not sticky.

Cooking: Works effectively in baking – strive it in our dairy-free Blueberry & coconut cake.

We examined…Alpro Soya unsweetened recent milk various, £1.40/1 litre, Tesco.

Soy or soya milk diet per 100ml:

  • 33 kcals
  • 120mg calcium
  • 1.8g fats
  • 0.3g sat fats
  • 0g sugar
  • 3.3g protein

Almond drink

Almonds in a jar, a glass of almond milk, and a few of raw almonds scattering on the table

What’s it? A mix of almonds and spring water, fortified with calcium and nutritional vitamins, together with D and B12. Manufacturers fluctuate as to the quantity of almonds used of their product and can have a tendency to incorporate emulsifiers and stabilisers, so learn labels rigorously.

Good for… Vegans and anybody avoiding animal merchandise, as a result of it’s fortified with vitamin B12. We loved it in sizzling drinks however felt it labored greatest in espresso.

Style: A refined nutty flavour. Select unsweetened for day-to-day use.

Cooking: Use in the identical portions as cow’s milk – it makes batch of scones.

We examined…Alpro Soya unsweetened recent milk various, £1.40/1 litre, Tesco.

Almond drink diet per 100ml:

  • 13 kcals
  • 120mg calcium
  • 1.1g fats
  • 0.1g sat fats
  • 0g sugar
  • 0.4g protein

Coconut milk drink

Coconut drink in bottle

What’s it? A sweetened coconut drink with added calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. That is decrease in protein, with increased ranges of saturated fats than most different plant-based choices.

Good for… Vegetarians. Strive it along with your cereal, and in tea and low.

Style: Mild, with a touch of coconut.

Cooking: Nice for baking, because the coconut flavour received’t overpower the meals. Makes batch of candy dairy-free pancakes – the milk is sort of skinny, so that you received’t want as a lot in your batter.

We examined… Free From Coconut ‘Milk’ Drink, £1.25/1 litre, Tesco.

Coconut milk diet per 100ml:

  • 17 kcals
  • 120mg calcium
  • 0.9g fats
  • 0.8g sat fats
  • 2g sugar
  • 0.1g protein

Hemp milk various

Hemp milk and seeds

What’s it? A mix of hemp seeds and water, fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

Good for… Sizzling drinks.

Style: Delicate and barely candy.

Cooking: Use in smoothies or sauces, or freeze with fruit and honey for a non-dairy ice cream.

We examined…Good Hemp Unique, £1.50/1 litre, Tesco.

Hemp milk various diet per 100ml:

  • 35 kcals
  • 118mg calcium
  • 2.8g fats
  • 0.3g sat fats
  • 1.8g sugar
  • 0.6g protein

Oat milk various

Oat milk in glass bottle and glass

What’s it? Constituted of oats and enriched with nutritional vitamins and calcium. Low in saturated fats.

Good for… A low-fat choice with all of the goodness of oats.

Style: Creamy with a barely powdery aftertaste.

Cooking: Gained’t break up when heated, so it is good for a white sauce.

We examined… Oatly Oat Drink Unique, £1.50/1 litre, Sainsbury’s.

Oat milk various diet per 100ml:

  • 45 kcals
  • 120mg calcium
  • 1.5g fats
  • 0.2g sat fats
  • 4g sugar
  • 1.0g protein

Rice drink

Front view of a jug and a drinking glass full of rice milk

What’s it? A candy milk-style drink, low in protein and fortified with calcium.

Good for… Those that can’t tolerate dairy or soya.

Style: Candy however impartial – doesn’t give sizzling drinks a milky color.

Cooking: It has a skinny consistency, so you might must thicken sauces with a bit of additional flour.

We examined… Rice Dream, £1.99/1 litre, Holland & Barrett.

Rice drink diet per 100ml:

  • 47 kcals
  • 120mg calcium
  • 1.0g fats
  • 0.1g sat fats
  • 4g sugar
  • 0.1g protein

Kerry Torrens is a certified Nutritionist (MBANT) with a publish graduate diploma in Personalised Vitamin & Dietary Remedy. She is a member of the British Affiliation for Utilized Vitamin and Dietary Remedy (BANT) and a member of the Guild of Meals Writers. Over the past 15 years she has been a contributing creator to various dietary and cookery publications together with BBC Good Meals.

All well being content material on is offered for basic info solely, and shouldn’t be handled as an alternative choice to the medical recommendation of your individual physician or another healthcare skilled. When you’ve got any issues about your basic well being, you need to contact your native healthcare supplier. See our web site phrases and circumstances for extra info.



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